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Thursday 10 July 2012
Thursday 30 August 2012

How to become your company’s Social Media Manager?

Whether it is to find new clients, new suppliers, new employees or even do customer service, more and more companies are taking advantage of Social Media today.

Unfortunately, most of these companies approach Social Media without a strategy or unified approach. Different departments do different things. They are also discovering that being active in Social Media is a time-consuming activity. Here is where a Social Media Manager can bring relief. His social media skills will help to create a unique and uniform approach to social media as well as put in to place activities such as creating policy, training and monitoring.

During this practical training you will not only learn how to become the social media manager for your company, but you will put it into practice. Starting from an audit and your business strategy, we will create the necessary COMPANY profiles on different platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Blog, etc. We will also provide you with the means to engage and monitor the conversations as well as a basic Social Media Policy.


Overview of the different Social Media platforms and Networks.

How to implement Social Media in your company?

What is the role of the Social Media Manager?

Where is your company and its employees active? A practical audit!

How to create your social media policy – The basics!

How does your business strategy translate to different Social Media platforms?

Creating Social Media profiles for your company on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. – Let’s do it together!

Starting conversations and posting content

How to monitor Social Media


Timing: 1 day training (9 a.m. - 5 p.m.)

Language: Nederlands - English

Included: Handouts, welcome coffee, coffee breaks and lunch included

Location: Industriepark - 1840 Londerzeel

Price: 295 EUR (+ VAT)



To register for Tuesday 3 July 2012: Fully booked
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