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These days IT is increasingly penetrating into the most diverse applications and sectors. This ICT Fundamentals course is intended for all those who come into contact with ICT but do not have an ICT background or who want to brush up their background knowledge.

The basic concepts are explained in a way that is easy to understand. This enables you to gain a better understanding and insight into the possibilities and limitations of ICT.

Throughout this course information is presented with everyday examples to which attendees can relate. Questions are encouraged – this is your chance to ask technical questions without feeling foolish. Every attendee is there for the same reason: to be able to communicate with techies.

Register today to experience a complete overview of IT technology that pulls everything together so you can be more productive tomorrow!


Anyone who is new to information technology, wants to put the pieces together, or is returning to technology from another field will benefit from this couse.

This includes technical recruiters, account managers, sales managers, business analysts and designers, testers, researchers, technical writers, lawyers, etc.



Timing: 1 day training (9 a.m. - 5 p.m.)

Included: Handouts, welcome coffee, coffee breaks and lunch

Location: TMAB BUSINESS EVENTS, Neringstraat 15, 1840 Londerzeel

Price: 295 EUR (+ 21% VAT)

Registration: Please contact Guillaume Desmet for the next training date or for our inhouse trainings



Basics Data and Networking: From raw bit transport to cloud computing

  • WAN architectures up to WAN optimisation controllers
  • Initiation in TCP–IP up to Subnetting principles
  • From datacenters (eg. PUE and PoE) to cloud computing
  • Circuit and Packet switching, virtual switching in PVC and SVC
  • Multiplexing technologies up to SDH
  • Topology of networks, from the past RTT–local loop (and cableTV) up to VDSL2
  • Principle of consolidation, virtualization
  • BCP fundamentals: what you pay is the level of redundancy that you need ( know)

Basics Voice and Convergence: F+M, V+D, W+WL

  • Analog telephony, TDM, VoIP, Unified Communication: the 6 basics!
  • Analysis of 1 full package, eg. Explore: what’s in and where is the competition
  • Smooth transition to IP, SIP, future PBX, phasing out of BA+PRA

Basics of Internetworking combined with basics of applications

  • Principles of XML up to SIP–trunking for voice
  • Phasing out of X.25, LL but also BA+PRA

Basics of Security

  • From SSL and IPSEC up to VPNs, IPv6, Firewalls,...
  • From cloud security to security in the cloud
  • Impact of FCCU

Basics of Mobility

  • Mobility versus Mobile comms: RF/Wless – gsm – 3G – mobile cpy data – mobile internet
  • Principles of actual offerings in CUGs (type wireless office, office zone etc)

Basics of TEM: telecom expense management, and Corporate Policy needs

  • The principles of outsourcing, cosourcing, smartsourcing
  • Cost modeling in daily life

Basics of the most important organizations

  • BIPT, BELTUG, ADM, itSMF, L–Sec, VICTOR, ISACA, FCCU, Agoria,...

Business Cases

  • Business cases and models


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